18210 Burke Drive, Plymouth, California 95669, United States

(707) 536-9290

A cozy lodging near Amador County wineries and historic towns.


By making a reservation either directly or through a booking agency, guests agree to these policies.

Guest minimum age: 25 yrs

Use of property. Sweet Oaks is for residential overnight occupancy and quiet enjoyment. No gatherings, parties, events, or commercial uses are allowed.

Occupancy. Maximum occupancy at all times is 2  persons. No daytime guests without prior written authorization.  Any children allowed must be supervised at all times. A release of liability is part of this rental agreement.

Event Details

Full  rent  plus  10%  county  tax  is  due  at  reservation.  Full  refund  if  canceled  30  days  prior  to  arrival  or  if  the  unit  can be  rerented  for  the  canceled  dates.

Renters  are  responsible  for any  property  damage  during  their  stay.

Guests'  pets  are  not  allowed  on  the  property.

Smoking  and  vaping  are  not  allowed  indoors  or  outdoors.  This  is  a  high  fire  danger  area.

No  open  flame  is  allowed  indoors  or  outdoors,  including  candles  and  fireworks.  Battery  operated  candles  are  provided.

Quiet hours are 10:00pm to 6:00am.

Passenger  vehicles  and  pickups  are  OK;  nothing  larger.

Force Majeure: Owner is not responsible for any consequences of acts of nature.